Meet the Brazilian “Into the Wild” story

Christopher McCandless

1. The sensitive sabotage

As a beggar, Eduardo soon realized that in poor areas people’s lives are more led by intuition/feeling (markedly feminine) rather than by reason/thinking (markedly masculine). Why?

2. Two sides, same coin

Eduardo points out something very interesting : “feminine and masculine are not two separated entities. They live both within man and women”. This is something that Chinese philosophy can help us to figure out:

Yin-yang symbol

3. What reason cannot reach

In conclusion, we live in a male world, where male values prevail — and this has to change. It doesn’t mean that these values are not important, but they can’t reach everything. Feminism is rising not just as a gender movement for equality, but also as an urgent necessity for social, economic and spiritual balance in the world. I hope all of us realize it in time.

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