Why I have a gratitude reminder tattooed on my arm


Did you have a bad day at work? You can’t change that. But you can choose how to deal with it. You can spend energy being hard on yourself and others or you can spend energy thinking about what you can learn with the situation. Of course, accepting things for what they are does not necessarily mean that harmful people or dangerous situations must be ignored. But acceptance shifts our focus from the problem to the solution, from judgment to freedom. It is less like “Look what you did!”, and more like “Ok, this happened/is happening. What can I do about it now?”


From the specif to the bigger picture. God/Mother Nature/Supreme Energy/The Universe… whatever, you choose. Recognizing how tiny all of us are in this universe and how much was given to us — our imperfect family, our few true friends, our humble home, the nature that surrounds us, the very fact that we are alive… Ultimately, being happy for everything that is already there, by our side, for some mysterious reason. Including the bad day at work, which is part of everyone’s journey and gives us the opportunity to learn something new and empowering about yourself.

There is always something to be grateful for, even when we are facing the worst of the problems. Once we understand this, we save ourselves a lot of time and complaining, and learn to how it feels to be in peace. Then, we are finally ready to move forward… free!

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